Wintersemester 2007/2008

Digital Music Production

The History of Digital Music

Room: Media Docks

The Practice of Digital Music

Room: Media Docks


Course Description:

The history of digital music begins in the early 20th century, with the connection between electricity and music. Broadcasting and several electrical instruments where the first important changes in musical life and production and a starting point for several developments: the electronic music in 1950, the beginning of score-synthesis and sound synthesis with computers in 1957, the construction of the first modular (and later mobile) synthesizer as from 1965. These technical and musical innovations are the basic principles for our today’s digital music technology as like as sequencer, sampler and the whole virtual studio technology.



  • Music and Computing-Technology (Introduction)
  • The terms analogue and digital (in music)
  • Historical Aspects of Music-Technology
  • Soundrecording
  • Mechanical Instruments and The Pianola
  • Broadcasting and First Electrical Instruments
  • Electronic Music
  • Scoresynthesis and Soundsynthesis
  • Synthesizer
  • MIDI and MIDI software
  • Audio and Audio software
  • Music production with computer (The practice of digital music)